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Ageing Without Children


Aging Without Children A Different Path to Fulfillment —Counseling and Conversations. Nearly 20% of Baby Boomers don’t have children. Are you one of them? Some are part of a couple. Many live alone. Some are child-free because of choice. Others are child-free because of chance. Children just didn’t happen for them. While others are looking at [...]

Ageing Without Children2022-02-28T15:52:49-08:00

What’s Next?


WHAT’S NEXT? WORKSHOP BEING IN TRANSITION – EXPLORING WHAT’S NEXT – DISCOVERING A NEW WAY TO BE Transitions. Change. Life seems to be one transition after another. Just being 50+ is a change and a transition. After 50, we become more aware of these changes. We become more thoughtful about what [...]

What’s Next?2022-03-03T10:33:17-08:00

Encore Careers Workshops


ENCORE CAREERS WORKSHOP SEARCHING FOR A NEW SENSE OF CLARITY, PURPOSE AND PASSION IN YOUR WORK Encore.org defines an encore career as one that promises meaning and springs from a desire to use a life’s worth of skills and experience in work that matters. The Encore Career Workshop is for people who [...]

Encore Careers Workshops2022-03-03T10:33:32-08:00
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