Our Mission

After decades of hard work, most people retire with a wealth of valuable skills, knowledge, and life experiences under their belt. But far too often, that hard-earned wisdom and drive gets sidelined in retirement.

LMP offers workshops, counseling and facilitation services to organizations that cater to adults over 50, and to the individuals themselves, as they navigate the terrain ahead. Our mission is to enliven, inspire and educate people about finding passion, purpose and self-fulfillment in mid-life and beyond. We are dedicated to exploring, developing and promoting the personal potential of people who are approaching or in the “second half of life”. Our offerings and resources help participants broaden their perspectives, reflect on their experience, and enhance their capacities to live fulfilling lives.

Replenish your goals, awaken your talents and expand life’s possibilities. Embrace change and create your future, while discovering your passions. Join us for workshops, seminars, classes, discussions and lectures while you seek new territory and map your course with like-minded people. Be inspired and stimulated. Share your ideas and wisdom. The human journey has infinite potential. Explore your new age with us. We believe that people in middle age and beyond are generally underserved in our society as they mentally and emotionally prepare for their futures. While it should be a time of excitement, anticipation and the realization of new possibilities, it is, for many, a time of anxiety and loss of direction. Our workshops will provide alternatives to outdated visions of aging in our society, a culture where media emphasis has become overly focused on youth, with too little regard for the contributions and wisdom of older citizens.

Luanne Mullin

Director and Managing Partner

Luanne Mullin is a Retirement Counselor and has presented career and transition workshops for the past ten years. She is a certified 2Young2Retire and Encore Careers Facilitator. She serves on the Leadership Counsel of the Business Forum for the American Society on Aging and is a Strategic Advisor for The Transition Network, a national organization for professional women over 50. In addition, she is a member of the Emeritus Council at the College of Marin. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Gerontologists and has a Certificate in Gerontology from USC.

Luanne worked in University Administration and Management for over 20 years, most recently at the University of California, and has worked in the arts as a founder of a theatre company and as a marketing specialist for a ballet company.

She received a Master’s Degree from Harvard University in Administration, Social Policy and Planning, with an emphasis on Adult Development, and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University.