Individual Counseling

Test your assumptions about what you thought retirement was and follow a path that promises new challenges and rewards.

LMP offers non-financial retirement counseling to individuals exploring all aspects of their retirement years, whether this includes further work and encore careers, or just a satisfying, meaningful and productive lifestyle. We act as a catalyst and facilitator of your individual discovery process to determine your life’s goals that match your values, priorities and purpose.

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Group Facilitation

Building consensus and trust in an organization of individuals trying to achieve a goal or establish company policies can be a delicate and time consuming effort. Often an objective participant is the key to having productive and successful group discussions. Let LMP be your objective participant and facilitate your discussions so that it becomes a democratic process that leads to group ownership of the outcome. Our process can often open communication channels among people who might not communicate in any other way, encourage those who normally are reluctant to speak and allows for a variety of ideas to be expressed. It gives everyone a voice.

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