Aging Without Children

A Different Path to Fulfillment —Counseling and Conversations.

Nearly 20% of Baby Boomers don’t have children. Are you one of them? Some are part of a couple. Many live alone. Some are child-free because of choice. Others are child-free because of chance. Children just didn’t happen for them. While others are looking at grand parenting in their older years, you may be considering other options.

Boomers Without Babies have different issues, opportunities and challenges than their peers with children. For instance, do you ever think about the following?

  • What will aging be like without the emotional and financial support of my own children?
  • Where will I live when I can no longer stay in my own home?
  • Will I have a community of friends?
  • How has my life been different than those with children?
  • Why am I feeling so inspired to do something really big at this time in my life? What is it I want to do? I feel like giving birth is a long-lost dream.
  • Why do I feel like I am stepping on the gas rather than slowing down. It’s exciting. If not now, when?
  • Do I have all my life planning needs in order?
  • What is my legacy ? Who are my heirs?

As with other stages of life, it may be time to visualize and strategize what’s next. It’s time to start talking with others who are also part of that 20% who didn’t have children and find out what they are thinking and doing.

Aging Without Children COUNSELING is a great place to start. Meet one on one with a counselor about your particular issues, concerns and apprehensions and gather ideas and resources to match your needs. Or join an Aging Without Children CONVERSATION where you will meet other child-free adults in bi-weekly facilitated group conversations discussing and brainstorming their older age options, joys and opportunities.

Find your inspiration again. 

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